What Is The GOLO Diet? And Does It Work?

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GOLO is based on a "scientific breakthrough reveals the real cause of weight loss and how to reverse it."

The diet follows insulin levels over calorie consumption and vows that that is the difference from other diets on the market. 

Jen Brooks, the VP of Marketing for GOLO said, "GOLO was developed by a team of doctors and pharmacists over the course of five years." She continued, "Their research led them to develop a natural solution for weight gain based on managing insulin, the main hormone that controls weight loss, weight gain, metabolism."

Managing your insulin level is the key to making this diet work for you. 

The creator of this diet is psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow. He put together a diet that is set to optimize your levels of insulin for weight loss. Dr. Ablow offers a "30 Day Rescue Plan" that will include supplements and readings to get you started and on your way to the GOLO way of life. The cost of it all is $39.95 per month. But the question is, does it work?

 "GOLO works to optimize your body's insulin levels, keeping them steady all day so you burn fat, maintain energy, and eliminate the crashes that cause hunger and cravings." There are three "tiers" to this program: "Intervention" (plant-based supplements), Meal Plan ("Metabolic Fuel Matrix"), and "GOLO For Life (Roadmap)." 

Long story short, according to registered dietitians, this diet works if your DNA and genetics are prone to this type of manipulation, otherwise you might as well save yourself the cost. 

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