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Riding an ATV is fun and that’s why people love it. Are you an enthusiast of ATV? Do you intend to buy yours soon? You definitely will be excited about it. You can’t simply wait to take the delivery of your “super machine”. It is one thing to be excited about an ATV, but it is another to allow your excitement to influence your choice.

Here is what you must remember. There are so many brands and models of ATVs in the market now. They all come with different features, and their prices also vary widely. Now, this is where the problem lies. Higher prices do not always lead to superior features. Without thinking things through, you could end up paying more for less.

So, it is better to get your excitement under control and go through this piece, so you can make great decisions. You don’t want to buy a seemingly great ATV and blame yourself in the future. Currently, some of the best ATVs in the market today are the Textron Off-Road Alterra VLX 700W, Can-Am Outlander X MR 570, and Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS. Whether you plan to buy a brand new ATV or you’ll opt for a used one, this report will guide you to make a great choice.

Who do you want the ATV for?

You need to consider who needs this ATV and the purpose for buying it. This will help you tilt your decision to the right side. In case you don’t know, sports ATVs are completely different from utility ATVs. Unfortunately, both of them cannot fill in for each other.

If you get a utility ATV when all you need is a simple sports ATV, you’d have thrown some money away. This is because sports ATVs cannot handle the tasks that utility ATVs can perform. So, you must consider why you are buying the machine.

What type of ATV is suitable for you?

There are four basic types of ATVs and they are based on their functions. First of all, sports ATVs are lighter, and they are designed for fun. On the other hand, Utility ATVs are designed for different types of tasks. That’s why they have in-built racks and hooks for various tasks.

Another type is the youth ATVs. They are designed for younger riders. This is the ideal one for your kids. The best type is sports-utility ATV quads. They are made for fun and work. So, why should you buy a utility ATV when you can buy a sports-utility quad? Since the latter is generally more expensive than the former, if all you need is a utility ATV, which is usually cheaper, why pay for the additional features that you don’t need?

However, in a situation where you need one ATV for fun, and another one to perform certain tasks, it will be more cost-effective to buy a sports-utility ATV quad instead of buying two different ATVs.

What is your budget like?

Before you approach a dealership, it is better to decide on how much you intend to spend on the machine. You may need to check the prices of the category and brand of your preferred ATV. If what you want is a little too expensive for you, maybe you should select the one that is next in line in terms of cost.

You may also get a loan qualification beforehand. A credit union should be a perfect fit for this.

Should I go for a new ATV or a used one?

As a matter of fact, new appliances are usually better than used ones because they often come with a warranty. Besides, you’ll also be sure that they are in perfect condition. At the same time, it is not uncommon for the price difference between a new and used ATV to be wider than the difference in their usage. In that situation, the used one will be very attractive.

But what if the previous owner decided to sell it because of certain drawbacks that he won’t tell you? These are the reasons why a new one is always better.

What components should you check before buying an ATV?

While every component in an ATV is important, you should focus on both its motor and airbox. When they are in perfect condition, the ATV should be in great shape. Remember, this tip is only for people buying a used ATV.

Where should you purchase your ATV from?

It is always good to buy your ATV from an authorized dealer. This is because the sale may be backed with free after-sale services, warranties, and other benefits.

Should you test drive before buying?

Yes, especially if you are buying a used one. However, you must be satisfied with other features before riding it. Be careful. It is not yours yet.

How can you get a better deal?

Here’s the thing. All dealerships don’t sell the same brand and model of ATV at the same price. So, you may shop around for price comparison before you settle for the best deal. Also, don’t focus on only the purchase cost. Consider other factors like the length of the warranty period, the length of after-sale support, and financing options.

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