The Three Most Affordable Dental Plans

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It's something dentists have known throughout history, and finally the world is becoming aware: your dental health has a direct impact on your overall health. Letting even minor tooth and gum problems go untreated can eventually lead to not just cavities and gum disease, but more serious conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and more. Practicing good dental hygiene and visiting the dentist between one and two times a year is therefore an important part of good health habits overall.

Of course, it's not necessarily as easy as it sounds. Good dental care can sadly be extremely expensive, especially for those without insurance. The good news is that an increasing amount of dental insurance providers are starting to recognize the high importance of good dental health. They are therefore working with dentists to come up with more affordable options. While there's still a long way to go in decreasing dental costs for all, there are a surprising amount of affordable, high quality dental care plans available to both individuals and families. Currently, three of the most convenient, affordable and comprehensive plans are Cigna Dental Savings, Delta Dental, and Humana Dental Savings Plan.

Read on for an overview of these plans in order to determine which one may be the best choice for you!

Cigna Dental Savings

Cigna is a major healthcare provider in the U.S. that also offers dental plans. And the Cigna Dental Savings plan is easily one of the best value. Instead of being a traditional insurance plan, Cigna Dental Savings involves just a yearly enrollment fee that is around $100 and depends on the exact Savings plan the customer chooses. This enrollment then allows accessibility to a wide range of discounted dental services. Because it is not traditional insurance, this plan means there are few wait times or strict parameters on eligible services. According to the Cigna Dental Savings website, most of those who enroll in this alternative plan save on average of 31% on their dental care expenses (however, many have reported saving a lot more).

It's also worth noting that Cigna Dental Savings offers a wide range of ways that enrollees can save on their expenditures, in addition to just dental services. Depending on the exact Savings plan chosen, customers are eligible for additional savings on pharmacy prescriptions, fitness and gym memberships, and more.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental is now the biggest provider of dental care plans in the United States, and as such, one of the biggest benefits with enrolling with them is accessibility. Literally hundreds of thousands of dentists participate in Delta Dental across the country, and the numbers rise every year. When it comes to affordability, Delta is also known for having a variety of lower-cost insurance plans to choose from. The two best-value plans by far are Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Patient Direct.

Delta Dental PPO is a preferred-provider option plan that gives enrollees access to the provider's extensive network of dentists that provide discounted treatment. Most basic services are usually covered under this plan, allowing patients to pay considerably lower out-of-pocket costs. As an added bonus, there are low wait times and approval periods because of Delta's extensive network. People who need a regular amount of dental work and/or cleanings done each year will benefit greatly from this plan, as most of their services will be almost fully covered.

Likewise, Delta Dental Patient Direct is another great option for patients looking to save on dental costs and/or may need more work done than a traditional insurance plan may allow for. This is a discount program instead of a full insurance plan, and enrollees choose services from Delta's network of dentists who provide reduced-cost services. Then, they pay the dentist office directly instead of having to file a claim or letting insurance handle things. For those who don't like paperwork or waiting to see exactly how much things cost, this is another bonus!

Humana Dental Savings

Humana is now a major provider of discount health plans in the U.S., but the area where they really shine is dental care. The Humana Dental Savings plan is easily the best value, and it functions as a discount plan instead of regular insurance. Their network now covers most areas of the nation and consists of dentists who are willing to provide services at lower costs. There are no deductibles, no copays and no wait times, and enrollees pay their discounted costs directly to their dental office. For those who need a lot of work done that may go past traditional yearly insurance limits, Humana Dental Savings is a great option.

The Bottom Line

So, which dental plan is ultimately the best? That depends on the individual patient. It is important to be realistic about your dental health needs as well as your budget, then carefully evaluate your options. But there's no better time than the present to do so. Don't put off dental problems longer than necessary, or they will become more serious down the line.

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