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If you are in the market for a new stove, there are top stoves and ranges available. The best stoves and ranges give you larger space for cooking that gives you more flexibility and easier and relaxed cooking. No matter what your reason is for wanting a new stove, the top options allow you to have a better cooking experience. If you are looking for a more updated stove, or a new look for a new kitchen, you are sure to find exactly what you want with these options. Don't be surprised if you find that your food cooks and tastes better. Check out these great new options from some of the best manufacturers that you can find.  

Top Stoves / Ranges

  • Samsung Flex Duo
  • Whirlpool Self-Cleaning
  • GE Profile
  • Samsung Flex Duo

The Samsung Flex Duo is a stainless steel range that has five burners. It has a dual convection system that includes two oven so you are able to cook dishes at different temperatures giving you a chance to cook your food faster and much more evenly. It includes a flexible smart divider that allows you to create two ovens. You can remove the divider and you have one big oven with one door. The handles on the door allows you to open the top portion only. The doors have a mechanism that allows them to close softly, so no more slamming the over door. The inside capacity of the oven is 5.9 cubic feet so you can cook many dishes at one time. This is the perfect oven if you like to cook for many people. The cooktop has five burners, which includes an oblong shaped burner for your largest pots and pans. The Samsung Flex Duo comes with a self clean mode. You never have to work hard when your oven needs extra cleaning because it comes with a deep clean option.


  • 5 burners including an oblong one
  • Dual convection oven
  • More suitable for larger pots and pans
  • GE Profile 30

The GE Profile 30 is a stainless steel gas range and convection oven. It has five gas burner and the oven has an internal measurement of 5.6 cubic feet. The GE Profile has a modern look that will bring style to your kitchen. Not only is the GE a top stove, it looks great in your home. The grates from the oven are cast iron, which can go in your dish washer for better sanitation. It has a self cleaning feature to burn off any food reside in the oven. The only work you have to do is wiping it out. The GE Profile has edge to edge cooking on the range with a cast iron cooktop that allows for oversized pots and pans. The keypad is electronic and simple to use. It has wireless controls that can be managed from a smartphone. The oven window is extra large so you can easily see what's inside. The GE has a storage drawer that is built in to the bottom of the oven. This is not the oven with the lowest price but it gives cooks the best possible features for even an at home chef.


  • Electronic keypad can be controlled from your phone
  • Edge to edge cooktop with cast iron griddle
  • Higher priced than other options
  • Whirlpool Self Cleaning Freestanding Electric Range

The Whirlpool Self Cleaning Freestanding Electric Range features a cooktop with five burners. The Whirlpool Range gives you 100 to 3000 watts or power. The cooktop is ceramic which makes the surface easy for you to clean. You do not have to preheat this oven due to its frozen bake technology, which comes preprogrammed features with cook times that can be adjusted as needed. The temperature sensors are so advanced they ensure your food always cooks evenly and at the proper temperature. The entire stainless steel surface is resistant to fingerprints. It comes with a self cleaning feature so you do not have to scrub again. It comes with a built in drawer on the bottom for all your baking needs.


  • Completely electric range with five burners
  • No oven preheating necessary
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • 6:14


There are many options available to you not matter if you preference is gas or electric range. For the best options, go to your local hardware or electronics store to see the top stoves and ranges. You are sure to find the right oven for you with all the features you need.

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