The Best Places To Find Deals On Bedroom Dressers

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Start with looking at the material the dresser is made of. The most popular material is wood. Dressers made of pine, cedar and spruces are less expensive than many woods. They are soft wood and more lightweight. Cherry, mahogany, rosewood, elm oak, and sandal wood are more expensive but good quality. They are called hard wood due to their heaviness and grain. They are easy to carve into. Other materials that are used to make dressers are meta, engineered wood, and recycled materials. These are often sold to those seeking to save money.

Measure the area of the room to find the right size dresser, for the room you want to buy it for. Think about how many drawers you want and how much room you have in the room. Small spaces need a small dresser with three to six drawers that fits in a compact space. Larger spaces will find dressers with up to ten drawers a good fit. Think about the amount of clothing you have and how many drawers you will need. Decide where you want to put the dresser in the master bedroom, children' room, dining, living room, or hobby room. You should the height, width, and depth of the dresser so that it fits into the room.

Style is another important factor to look at. The wood, color, and accessories should match the room that the dresser goes in. Are you going for a Victorian or contemporary look. This will encompass the color, material, size and shape of the dresser. A modern look might be a geometric dresser with a simple design and neutral colors. An antique dresser or ornate design would look good in a home with Victorian or antique decor. Modern designs are simple with straight edges.

A contemporary style dresser is often a clean simple and minimalist design with pulls out doors and knobs made from ceramic or stone. A mirror gives a dresser more appeal and you can check what you look like before going to work or school. Mirrors help a room look bigger and brighter. A mirror with a dresser is advised when personal appearance is important to your work life.

Best Places to Buy Dressers

There are many furniture and antique stores that sell quality dressers to consumers. It pay to shop around before purchasing one. Below are four popular place to shop for dresser that offer good quality and service to customers that are budget minded or looking for better quality.

Discount Retailers

Ashley Furniture is a chain of stores that has dressers at affordable prices for consumers on a budget. They are located all over the country and offer fast delivery services. It is one of the biggest retailers for dressers and has a large variety to choose from. It is one of the largest home furnisher in the country. They have many styles of dressers to choose from contemporary, country, modern, to antique, in varying colors and sizes. Customers can shop in the stores and online to find a variety of dresser that meet their needs. There dressers are made of engineered wood and cater to those with limited funds. First time apartment renters or homeowner will find this an ideal place to buy a dresser.

Better Homes and Gardens makes good quality dressers at affordable prices. They have a wide variety of dresser styles and consumers can find these dresser sold at Walmart, JC Penney, Amazon and Wayfair. They offer a wide range of dresser styles that fit all types of decorating needs. There dresser are found in most major retail stores too. They specialize in contemporary and modern design dressers in wood and neutral colors. Apartment renter, condo owners or those on a budget will find good deals on these dressers.

Quality and Style

Bassett Furniture is known for selling quality dressers made from wood. They sell the less expensive wood dresser made of pine, spruce and oak and the more expensive wood dressers. The have mahogany, cherry, maple, and variety of hard wood dressers in a variety of styles and sizes. There dresser are sold at Bassett Furniture Retail Outlets and online through other furniture retailers. There high quality dressers last for years and has great designs. They offer online and shopping in store shopping and they have delivery fees.

Wayfair is one of the largest online furniture retailers that sells quality dressers in a variety of styles and sizes. They sell double dressers and dressers with mirrors in a number of different material from hard wood to engineered wood. They sell dressers for those on a budget to consumers that have no limits on price. They even have accessories to keep furniture from tipping over. They only have two physical store locations. Delivery is made using several different shipping methods. Some items have free shipping depending on the amount spent.

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