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The appliance that cements your kitchen décor all together is the refrigerator. This is the staple piece of the kitchen. While yes, the refrigerator's simple mission is to keep our food fresh, but thanks to technology the ability to do that effectively has expanded. If picking a refrigerator was hard in the 50s it is even more taxing now. There are so many selections and features in today's appliances to fit any need you have. Some things to think about before you buy are 1. Size. You, of course, have to make sure it will fit the space you have. 2. Storage capability. All three models we are going to talk about have your average storage capability, yet in a way that it is crafted to get more storage out of your bucks. Oh, and let's not forget those lovely special features to enhance your food storing pleasure. Most importantly the price is the main key. The top leading brands on the market today are Kitchen Aid, LG, and Frigidaire. If you want the best these are your top brands. All three are favored in their style, size, durability, and price. Yes, you can also find these brands having the best deals as well. The top three refrigerator models we are going to look deeper at today are The KitchenAid Multi-door Refrigerator, LG Electronics Side-by-Side Refrigerator, plus the Frigidaire Side-by-Side Refrigerator. Let’s look deeper into these top three brand models to find out why they are the best.


KitchenAid brings to us the KitchenAid Multi-door Refrigerator. Also, referred to as "french door” here are the statistics.

Size: 70.13 inches (1.78 m) tall. 36 inches (0.91 m) wide.36.25 inches deep

Storage: up to 25.8 cubic feet (0.73 cubic meters)

Special Features Include.

  • Ice maker
  • Ice dispenser with water filter
  • Freezer light
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Humidity control
  • Automatic defroster
  • Gallon door storage

This model consists of five doors for compact maximum storage. There 2 soft-close drawers in the fridge section and three-tier freezer drawers. This is a first in KitchenAid technology. This model, in addition, comes equipped with a built-in Preserve® Food Care System that is meant to help keep your food fresher longer.


The second on our top brand model list is brought to us by LG Electronics. It is the LG Electronics Side-by-Side Refrigerator. The statistics are as follows:

Size: 33 inches (0.84 m) wide. 66.75 inches (1.7 m) tall. 35.6 inches (0.9 m) deep

Storage: 22 cubic feet (0.62 cubic meters) in storage.

Special Features Include.

  • Ice Maker
  • Ice & Water dispenser
  • Gallon door storage
  • Spill-proof shelves
  • Humidity controlled crisper.
  • Adjustable freezer Shelves
  • The door is ajar alarm
  • Digital temp control
  • LED lighting in the freezer and fridge

This fridge could be great for families with is special spill-proof shelves feature. Along with its open door alarm. Sometimes it can happen with the kids, even adults do not shut the refrigerator door all the way. This fridge will let you know if it happens. You can pick from basic Black and White as well as Stainless Steel. Note if you do choose Stainless Steel it will cost you $100 more than if you went with basic Black or White.


Our third top brand model is delivered by Frigidaire, well know for their fridge ware. Here we have the Frigidaire Side-by-Side. Here are the statistics.

Size 68.6 inches (1.74 m) tall 35 inches (0.89 m) wide.34.5 inches deep

Storage: 25.5 cubic feet (0.72 cubic meters)

Special Features Include.

  • Pure Source 3 Ice & water filtration system
  • Ice/Water Dispenser
  • Ready-Select LCD controls
  • Gallon door storage
  • Interior Freezer light
  • Automatic defrost
  • Flexible storage shelves

On a fixed budget? Frigidaire is the brand to go with. Most models start at less than $1,000 unless you go with the stainless-steel as with the others the stainless steel will cost a bit extra. The joys of this fridge are the LCD controls. They make seeing and picking your options, a breeze. The use of LED lights up the interior of the fridge and freezer make finding your midnight snack in the dark is easy. Another bonus is why all fridges usually have a deli drawer Frigidaire's feature a spacious deli drawer to help preserve your meats and your cheese fresh and organized.

Ultimately, you want style and durability in your fridge. You also desire it to keep your food fresh. These three top brand models deliver plus you can find the best deal prices on them getting all of what you need in a nice packaged bow: style, durability, and price.

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