Sharon Osbourne Speaks Out About Why She Finally Decided To Go Gray After 18 Years

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Sharon debuted her new hair on “The Talk” in mid-February. Sharon had been covering her white hair for nearly two decades and she was finally done doing so in an effort to go more natural. 

“I was just so fed up of going and having it dyed and having it dyed, and I just was like, I can’t do this anymore,” she explained to her fellow talk show hosts, “I’m like, why am I trying to do something or be something that I’m not? So, just be who you are.”

Her fellow hosts loved her new do, as did the audience and the public online who showed her nothing but love through comments on her Instagram post. So how did Ozzy react to his wife's lighter locks? He simply said, “The devil wears Prada!” 

Sharon's hair dresser, Jack Martin, took to Instagram as well to describe the process. “Sharon was very tired of coloring her hair once a week and she was obligated to since she is on tv almost every day hosting her popular tv show,” he said. “I had great time spending my day off with this gorgeous, humble, and sweet soul.” It took nearly eight hours for the whole transformation to take place. 

Jack is also responsible for none other than Jane Fonda's recent transformation to gray silver hair. There seems to be something in the air and that something is going au natural. 

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