Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Suing the British Tabloids

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are one of the most powerful couples int he world at the moment. Since the day they got married in 2018, the press has been surrounding the couple with near nonstop surveillance and stories. While the public has been nothing short of overjoyed for the couple as they announced their marriage and later their first child, Archie, the British media has decided to attack Meghan in their articles. An example of that is that the press took it upon themselves to get their hands on a personal letter that Meghan wrote her father, edited it, and shared it with the world. This event was the last straw for the two, who have decided to take legal action against the British tabloids. Harry released a statement defending Meghan and announcing that they will no longer sit idle as this attack happens.

Harry Defending Meghan 

His statement to the public about the British tabloids and their stories stated, “As a couple, we believe in media freedom and objective, truthful reporting… Unfortunately, my wife has become one of the latest victims of a British tabloid press that wages campaigns against individuals with no thought to the consequences.” Harry was talking about many stories in the press that dealt in Meghan's private life and her difficult relationship with her father. He continued, “There is a human cost to this relentless propaganda, specifically when it is knowingly false and malicious… Because in today’s digital age, press fabrications are repurposed as truth across the globe.” For Harry, this is personal not only because this is his wife, but because his own mother was a victim on the harsh British media. 

Legal Action

While Meghan was used to being in the public eye as she was a well-known actress in the United States and had photographers follow her and her life every now and then, this was a whole new level of attention and invasion of privacy. So much so, that Harry said, “It is for this reason we are taking legal action, a process that has been many months in the making.” The specific incident with the letter that was taken, edited, and published to the world was the major event that made the couple decide to take legal action. 

History Repeating Itself 

Harry is no stranger to the press either. It is exactly because of the fact that he grew up in the public eye and saw the damage the press can do with the relentless pursuit of his mother that ended up taking her life. He said, “I’ve seen what happens when someone I love is commoditized to the point that they are no longer treated or seen as a real person. I lost my mother and now I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces.”  

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