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The world is shifting from traditional photos and standard art posters to large prints because the latter is more immersive, beautiful, and classy. Large prints on canvas are good for homes and offices. Canvas prints will not only bring life to your walls, but they will also give your home a huge facelift.

That’s why the demand for canvas prints keeps increasing. Of course, you can get it from several local stores but the quality varies across different stores. Some department stores also offer this service, but the quality is quite low. Right now, it is better to order the service online. Some stores that have built a reputation for quality canvas prints are CG Pro Prints, Gallery Direct, and Simple Canvas Prints.

In addition to choosing the right store, it is also important to ask certain questions that will guide your purchase. Here are the questions.

How do canvas prints differ from traditional photo prints?

As you already know, traditional photos are usually printed on photo paper. To preserve or display them, you need to frame or back them. On the other hand, canvas prints do not need to be framed because they can stand on their own.

Canvas prints have a textured look, and their quality is higher. That’s probably why canvas prints have a more professional look. In terms of reprinting painted images, canvas prints offer better results.

Do the recommended companies offer traditional photo printing too?

Simple Canvas Prints does only canvas prints, but the other two (CG Pro Prints and Gallery Direct) offer traditional photo prints as well as canvas prints. In addition, they also provide other services related to photography.

So, if you need traditional photo print, contact either of CG Pro Prints and Gallery Direct, but if you need canvas prints, you can talk to any of the three of them.

What is the price range for canvas prints?

The prices of the service depend on certain factors. One of them is the size. Bigger prints will cost more. In addition, customizations will increase its cost. Every element of customization will push the cost up. However, these companies offer discounts on canvas prints and you can make use of the discount to save a few bucks.

For Gallery Direct, there’s no flat rate. Their charges are on a case-by-case basis. When you submit your request, you’ll get a personalized quote. The charges of CG Pro Prints range from $9.99 to $159.99. And it could be higher than that if it involves a lot of customizations. The last but not the least is Simple Canvas Prints that charges about $4.99 to $121.31.

What sizes of canvas prints do they offer?

First, you must bear in mind that the sizes of canvas prints vary widely. Nevertheless, here are the sizes offered by the three recommended companies.

CG Pro Prints offers canvas prints from 8 by 10 inches to 33 by 45 inches.

Gallery Direct offers canvas prints from 20 by 8 inches to 48 by 48 inches.

Simple Canvas Prints offers canvas prints from 8 by 8 inches by 30 by 36 inches.

It is also worthy of note that the prints may come out a little larger than the sizes listed above, depending on the kind of frame you want.

Do the companies have brick and mortar stores?

Although the three companies offer only online services, one of them has a physical office. Both Gallery Direct and Simple Canvas Prints do not have any physical store, but CG Pro Prints has a physical store. The store is in Longmont, Colorado. To avoid confusion, take note that the store is known as Circle Graphics, and not CG Pro Prints.

What is their turnaround time?

CG Pro Prints has the best turnaround time among the three. The company ships its products only three business days after you order them. For Gallery Direct, shipment takes place after eight to ten business days. As for Simple Canvas Prints, your order will be shipped after 14 to 18 business days.

Do they offer pre-selected images like stock images?

Yes, Gallery Direct has a lot of works from different artists in their gallery that you can select from. However, the other two companies do not. They focus on printing only privately-owned images.

Which of the companies are the best for artists and other professionals?

As a matter of fact, they are all experts in different aspects of the business. Even though CG Pro Prints focuses more on the production of gallery-ready images for selection, it also provides great services to professional photographers. Gallery Direct serves art enthusiasts and collectors more. Finally, Simple Canvas Prints focuses on office and home prints.

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