Michael Douglas Talks About Marriage to Catherine Zeta-Jones After Almost 20 Years Together

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Marriages in Hollywood that stay true and strong are few and far between, but Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are one of Hollywood's power couples and everyone just adores them. The two met at the Deauville Film Festival in 1998 and were an instant hit with one another. Now, after almost 20 years of marriage, Douglas says that Catherine still gives him butterflies.


During a recent interview with Us Weekly that he had about his Netflix show, The Kominsky Method, Douglas spoke about his marriage and wife. When Douglas was asked about her, he said, “She does [still give me butterflies]. She cleans up pretty good.” Zeta-Jones joined Douglas for the Emmys. Douglas was nominated for his sixth Emmy Award with his Netflix show. Douglas was an attendee at the Emmys for the first time in 1974 when he was nominated for The Streets of San Francisco.

These award shows have been a way for Douglas to remain in touch with friends in the industry. “We live back east and we live in the country. So, we look at it as an opportunity to come out and see a lot of old friends and go to these shows, see people we love or admire. We’re fans to of a lot of the stuff that we see on television and in the films, so that part is great and sort of treat it like a real experience rather than a necessity or part of your requirements.”

Their Wedding

Michael and Catherine started their relationship in March of 1999. The two married in November 2000 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. The wedding these two threw was one of the most glamorous to be had, and came with a price tag of no less than $1.5 million; Zeta-Jones' dress cost $250,000 on its own. There were famous friends who attended the event, such as Steven Spielberg, Barbara Walters, and Tom Hanks. Musicians such as Jimmy Buffett, Bonnie Tyler, and Gladys Knight performed for the crowd.

Catherine had just one request of Michael on their wedding day. “I just told Michael, ‘No crying.’ He doesn’t even have to have a tear in his eye. He just has this look where I know that he’s about to start, and that does me in. I said, ‘I don’t even want you to look at me until I’m halfway down the aisle,'” she said.

Until the Very End

One very cool thing that bonds these two is that they actually share a birthday! The two were both born on September 25th. Now that they have the house to themselves as their children, Dylan and Carys, have moved out, they are making it a priority to spend more time with friends rather than throw themselves a huge birthday party. “We were starting to plan a big bang and then realized it was just overwhelming and we could do it some other time,” Douglas told Page Six. “So we’re going to just be quiet. We have a number of friends who share our same birthday and we’re going to go to one of their parties and hide.”

These two have also kept busy outside of their relationship. Michael has been lending his voice to the Netflix series Green Eggs and Ham, as well as reprise his role in the series What If for Disney+. Catherine was awarded the Freedom of the City for her hometown of Swansea, as well as appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair Spain with her daughter. You can also find her on the show Queen America, which is on Facebook Watch. 

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