Finding The Best Water Damage Restoration Company

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Life throws all sorts of hurdles your way. When your home and possessions endure something like a fire, flood, or another natural disaster you'll often be left with damage that only professionals can really fix. Luckily there are professionals out there who specialize in water damage repair which will make your home liveable again. It can also help to have these professionals repair water damage if you'd eventually like to sell your property or move out of it. Choosing the right restoration company however it important. There are likely many companies in your area that offer services, but it can be confusing and time-consuming to learn which is the best for you and your needs. That's why we researched who the best in the business was according to consumer reviews. 

We found that ServiceMaster Restore, Stanely Steemer, and ServPro are the nation's best water damage restoration companies.

ServiceMaster Restore primarily focuses on residential water damage restoration. From small problems like leaky faucets and burst pipes to large projects like foundational decay due to water damage, ServiceMaster Restore has dedicated teams working around the country to service water damage needs. One unique service from this company is there "water mitigation" work. This service offers mitigation techniques to prevent water damage from occurring or reoccurring again. While most companies just focus on repairing water damage, the experts at ServiceMaster Restore will help you focus on preventing water damage from happening in the first place. They also offer a rapid response crew because they understand how important it is to dry things as quickly as possible. In fact that the first foundation ServiceMaster Restore teams will go after. They will come to your home and quickly remove the water and stop whichever source is causing the leak. Then, they'll work diligently to restore any damage caused by the water leak. Finally, they'll help you plan techniques for preventing water damage in the future.

Next up is Stanely Steemer, a household water damage restoration name. Perhaps best known for residential and commercial carpet cleaning, Stanely Steemer also offers water damage restoration services. However, their services are a bit more focused than Service Master Restore. Stanely Steemer mostly focuses on water damage in carpets. Stanely Steemer also has crews available for dispatch 24/7. That's because they understand that emergencies don't happen according to your schedule. They could happen in the middle of the night or when you're at work, waking up or really anytime. Stanely Steemer also takes their crews a step further by ensuring that each crew member is specially trained for water damage restoration. Each crew member undergoes simulated real-world training. This ensures that every team is fully aware and capable of how to restore properties after water damage has occurred.

Last in our list is ServPro, which offers services in all sorts of cleaning and restoration areas. However, they do offer services that specialize in water damage restoration. ServPro takes the philosophy that each water damage event should be taken care of as quickly as possible. So, ServPro has dedicated crews around the country who work day and night. ServPro teams quickly remove water and stop the source of the leak as well as closely monitor the drying process. That's where ServPro is different from other companies. The ServPro crew which is dispatched will closely monitor and report on the drying process and how that will affect their restoration plan moving forward. ServPro has a surefire process for dealing with water damage. First, contact is made and a crew is dispatched. Second, the crew inspects the damage and stops the leak. Third, the crew removes the water. Fourth, the area affected by the water leak is dehumidified and kept dry. Fifth, the crew will clean and sterilize the environment in order to ensure mold does not grow. Finally, the crew will begin the restoration process.

With these three options in mind, each clearly has it's advantages and disadvantages. ServiceMaster Restore offers more generalized teams who can repair all forms of damage including water damage. They offer dispatch all around the country and will be sure to send a team to your location at any time of the day. Stanely Steemer offers a more specialized approach with guaranteed training for all crew members and a focus on water damage on floor surfaces. Finally, ServPro offers water restoration with teams who are available 24/7. ServPro also has a very clear and surefire way in dealing with water damage issues.

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