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There are plenty of options for cowboy boots in-person or online, but that doesn’t mean a person can’t end up paying full freight. A good amount of marketing can hide the true cost of a set of boots if one doesn’t do his research well. Boots have a long tradition, and good cowboy boot manufacturing skill tends to run in a number of families who have been making them for decades. The patterns, designs, and cut and skill have been handed down, even in production via computers today. And when that assembly is put together right, it produces a cowboy boot that is tough, rugged and reliable, just like the American West has been for a hundred years or more. This guide is written to point customers and those looking for their first boots to the options that make sense, deliver as expected, and provide the best value overall.

Sheplers Boots

If you’re on a budget and looking for a number of boot choices worth your time, then Sheplers is an ideal boot provider to consider. Whether you choose Abilene boots or Sage footwear, Sheplers can provide you very good opportunities. For example, the Abilene Western Wingtip Zipper boot choice sells at a very interesting price point of $138. Alternatively, the Abilene Black Waxed Cowhide choice hitting approximately $142 a pair as well. Best of all, Shepler’s provides free shipping on orders as well, an added benefit.

Country Outfitter

Cody James Footwear can be had at great prices at Country Outfitter with very attractive price points ranging from $110 to $120. You can find boots like the Men’s Brown Harness Boots with the signature square toe as well as the Chocolate Xala Western style. And Country Outfitter also stocks waterproof options like the Composite Toe Pull-On Work Boots at a reasonable $145 a pair. And the higher part of the range can be had with the Men’s Casey Full Quill Ostrich Boots at $236 a pair. That’s a big savings; the Men’s Casey model normally sell for at least $450 through other retailers.


Another player to consider who professionally matches high quality in a cowboy boot with cost is Tecovas. They provide direct boots easily worth $300-400 that give women great footwear options at have that cost. For example, the Tecovas’ Penny boots sell for a comfortable price of $195, and buyers will enjoy a pair of boots made from authentic calfskin versus generic leather or worse, fake skin. Another options are the Jamie boots. This model provides a very comfortable choice and sells for an equally interesting price of $235.

Boot Barn

Being one of the biggest players online for cowboy boots, one could easily argue this vendor is a bit of the major discount seller. That said, there’s nothing wrong with good savings and bargains when the boots bought are high quality in the process. It just takes a bit of looking in Boot Barn’s inventory. For example, The Ariat Men’s Heritage Roper Boots normally sell well over $200. At Boot Barn one can find them for under $100. As another option, the Old West Snake Printed boots can be found for $55 when they normally sell for $100. And any orders usually get the added benefit of free shipping when the total order is over $75.


The 800 lb gorilla in online shoe sales isn’t the first name people think of with cowboy boots, but Zappos is a shoe store first and foremost. That means they carry boots as well. Customers can find the Ariat Hybrid Rancher Waterproof mode for an interest $136 when they normally sell for a lot nearer to $170. The Ariat Circuit Competitor sells for at least a third less than normal price at $126, and the same company’s Heritage Roughstock Venttek boots also go for a very juicy $133. And, like the other providers, customers can get free shipping as well added onto the order.

Classy CrossRoads Boutique

For women Corral provides a wider selection they may not find available with other shoe sellers. Good choices like the Corral Saddle Nopal Cactus Embroidered Studs pair seem like too long of a name to put in a search engine, but the Corral choice sells for $214. Additionally, the Corral Chocolate Floral Embroidered Square Toe Boots also provide a good budget choice for women at $171. While they don’t provide free shipping, Classy CrossRoads Boutique only charges what is needed to send your boots timely, $5 per order.

Tractor Supply Co

Known in multiple towns and regions for a great all-product agriculture and farming supplier, Tractor Supply also carries quality boots as well. Regardless of seeming like a bit of a Walmart locally, their online selection is fairly good with choices like the Cowhide Stampede Collection at $115 a pair and the Tony Lama’s Men Americana Collection boots at $190.

So again, while there are plenty of boot providers online, there's no reason for a buyer to lose their wallet on the matter. The choices above gives customers great options for boots both online and, in some cases, at retail store locations as well. Check them out personally and see for yourself.

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