Draco Malfoy, AKA Tom Felton, Shares A Photo From His Harry Potter Days With A Funny Caption

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The topic in question here: Aging.

Aging happens to all of us, even those who are rich and famous. For them, it's worse since they're in the public eye and we all have a tendency to give them our two cents, especially if they were introduced to us when they were kids and are now navigating adulthood. Tom Felton, one of the stars of the Harry Potter film series, shared a photo on Instagram with him as Draco Malfoy when he was just a little kid.

Fleton was in his Slytherin uniform in the photo, which is stood right next to so we could all have a side by side image of how he used to look like and what he looks like now. His face in the photo shared an expression of that didn't look all too pleased, and his caption of the photo said "Aging's a b****."

The image was snapped during Comic Con Canada and while there are those who don't agree with Felton feeling self-conscious about his aging, everyone does agree that he is by far the funniest of the Harry Potter alums. 

Felton has continued to work since his Draco Malfoy days. His most recent gig was as the Stand Up TO Cancer rep in their latest ad. He has also been in the television shows Origin, and The Flash, and has been in films like Ophelia, and Stratton. Felton has also kept in touch with his Harry Potter costars, especially with Emma Watson who played Hermione in the HP films. 

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