Delaware Becomes First and Only State with Nearly All No-Kill Animal Shelters

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All of the State of Delaware's shelters have an over 90% save rate.

The news was announced by the nonprofit organization Best Friends Animal Society, who's been working with shelters and other animal organizations to make the whole of the United States no-kill by the year 2025. The Director of Marketing for the Brandywine Valley SPCA with three locations in Delaware alone, Linda Torelli, said “the community in Delaware is very oriented to pet advocacy, so we had their support.”

This SPCA has put forth several programs to make sure 95% of the animals that are brought into their facilities find forever homes. Torelli also said that due to the fact that cats are euthanized twice as much as dogs, they implemented a strategy called trap, neuter, and return, or TNR; this helps control the number of cats on the streets.

Another program that they have implemented is open adoptions. Open adoptions are much faster and do not require as many applications or inspections as other adoptions. They focus on the perfect match between a pet and an owner based on the animal's breed and the potential owners lifestyle. Lower adoptions fees have also contributed to higher rates of adoption. “They are weekend-long events where we adopt out over a thousand animals in two days,” Torelli said. “It’s an amazing experience. It’s really something to see.”

Other offerings by the SPCA include free shot clinics, an emergency vet fund, and a pet food pantry for those struggling financially. They even have a mobile clinic that will come to the more remote areas of the state. They also have what they cal "Critter Camp" for younger children, teaching them how to be around animals and care for them.

Seeing as this is becoming a very big success for Delaware, this model is set to be pushed to other states with time in order to achieve the goal of a no-kill country. 

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