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Looking for love but want to make sure that the person shares the same Christian values? With the internet and the ever-increasing availability of dating sites, it can be difficult and confusing to find the right website. We'll show you some of the best dating websites for single Christians, so you can be sure the person you're pursuing shares your Christian values.

Finding the right Christian dating website can depend on your preferences for how you find love. Let's begin with "Christian Cafe". This website is unique in that it's more than "just" a dating website. People are also encouraged to post prayers and share their testimonies with others in the community. Furthermore, all denominations are welcome to join and there are no rules in terms of the kind of relationships you can seek out. By that we mean, dating on Christian Cafe can range from laid back and non-serious to people looking for their next soulmate. Christian cafe also offers a free 10-day trial, which after expiring, the user will need to upgrade to a membership plan.

Next up is "Christian Connection", a website that is dedicated to matching single Christians in a myriad of countries from the United Kingdom, to Ireland, Canada, the United States, and more. Christian Connection has pretty high standards when it comes to matching singles and has won numerous awards because of that! This website has also been matching Christian singles since 2000. Finally, the website offers a free trial for three days which after expiring the user must upgrade to a premium plan.

Now comes a more specialized website called "Christian Cupid". This website specializes in matching singles according to special algorithms. However, Christian Cupid also takes that a step further by helping Christians also connect with friends and pen pals as well! So, not only can you find your next love, but also other friends and pen pals from around the world! This website also offers a lengthy three-month trial membership. During the membership, you'll have access to all premium options. After the end of the three-month trial, you'll have only one premium payment option of $30 bucks a month.

Here comes an option that is completely free, and does not pressure the user into buying premium membership, although one is offered. This website instead places ads on the user's screen. If the user wants the ads removed they can pay a monthly subscription. With this in mind, the goal of "Christian Dating For Free (CDFF) is to connect single Christians for a low cost to the user. This service also features iOS and Android apps in addition to the desktop website.

When dating you'll often hear the term, "single and ready to mingle". That's where this Christian dating site gets its name. "Christian Mingle", offers matchmaking for singles who are seeking a God-centered relationship. This dating service also offers highly personalized profiles and features that allow members to connect with other like-minded individuals. One unique factor of this website is the dating advice which features a focus on safety and understanding boundaries.

Next is "CrossPaths", which claims to be the largest and most trusted dating app for Christian singles who want to find another Christian to date. The website works by analyzing a member's profile and then does the same for thousands of other profiles. Then, algorithms are used to determine which profiles are the most identical and which are likely to lead to a great match. CrossPaths is also similar to Tinder (the most popular dating app) in that users can quickly view other profiles and a quick swipe to reject or accept another profile. CrossPaths, however, is only available on the Android Play Store which means if you have an iPhone you are out of luck.

Finally, eHarmony is a great choice for Christian singles as well. While the website itself is not just for Christian singles, members looking for God-centered relationships are still in luck. That's because the website has users of all types and there are plenty of profiles that would be a wonderful match for Christians. eHarmony also has 35 years of experience in the dating world and was created by the clinical psychologist, Dr. Neil Clark Warren. His unique matching philosophy also means that singles are bound to find compatible matches.

With all of these options in mind, you may want to consider when and how you'd like to use a dating service. For instance, the most popular option may be on a laptop or desktop. However, some users may want a mobile-friendly experience as well.

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