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Are you single and a senior who would like to meet some new people? If this is the case, you might want to set sail on an amazing singles cruise! The cruises sail into some of the most exotic ports and regions of the world. They are ideal spots for passengers to be able to make both friends and more-than-friends as they have unique experiences and adventures. Most of the cruises you come across are for individuals, couples, and families of different ages, there are some cruises that are held every season for singles who are in specific age groups. Read on for reviews of three of the top places for seniors to book their singles cruises. In addition, we'll share three top cruise deals of which seniors can take advantage right now. Don't miss out on a chance to get to know more single people as you set off on a wonderful cruise ship. You just might meet a best friend or someone for romantic companionship!

What is the best senior singles cruise deal that is available from

You're able to book a Southern Caribbean Singles Cruise on, which is for seven nights. This is our favorite deal that's being offered by the online cruise business. It starts out at only $833 for each person and it leaves from San Juan, Puerto Rico to travel to Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Maarten, and St. Thomas. Just some of the attractions include karaoke, speed-meeting sessions, and private dancing lessons.

What great deal does Singles Travel International offer?

Seniors who would like to meet other single people as they are on a cruise along the Alaskan coast may do so while on the Blissful Alaska Cruise Adventure cruise through Singles Travel International. This seven-night trip starts at $2,199 per person and it stops in ports in Ketchikan, Juneau, Sawyer Glacier, Skagway, and Victoria, British Colombia. Not only will you get to shop while on the cruise, but you can visit restaurants, casinos, and take part in night-club parties and morning breakfast clubs that offer you more opportunities to meet new people.

Do any of the companies help seniors who'd like to cruise by themselves, not as part of a hosted group?

The answer is most definitely. If you're a senior and you want to go solo on a cruise but you wouldn't take part in hosted events with other senior singles, these companies usually are willing to assist you in booking your cruise at a reduced rate.

Which three companies are the best when it comes to booking singles cruises for seniors?

There are many cruises companies that advertise cruises for individuals who are in various age groups, such as seniors. The three main websites we've found for this purpose are Vacations to Go,, and Singles Travel International.

What is the best deal for a singles cruise for seniors found on Vacations to Go?

The Vacation to Go company offers a top-notch cruise deal to the Caribbean for seniors who are single. The Oasis of the Seas cruise is five nights long and it includes happy hour, dinners, dances and various other social events to enjoy. Book the cruise for a starting cost of $811 for each person. You'll get to meet up with more seniors at meet-and-greet sessions before leaving the port.

Can single seniors be given roommates while on the ship?

Yes, there are options given by each of these cruise companies for you to be placed with a same-sex roommate. If they cannot meet your roommate request, they'll pay for your cabin.

Will every passenger who is on the cruise ship be single?

Even if you go on a singles cruise, not everyone may be single. If you're on a larger ship in particular, it's more likely that it will be a group of singles. Either way, you'll have an itinerary that is full of exclusive events for getting together with singles in your age group.

Do these three companies have cruises that are located in other regions of the world?

Between the three companies, single individuals may book cruises to every part of the world. This guide has focused just on seniors' deals. Not all of the singles cruises have trips for seniors. It's in your best interest to reach out and talk to a cruise travel agent who can answer your specific questions regarding certain cruise trips that you have in mind. Be sure to tell the agent if you are looking only for trips that are exclusive to single seniors.

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