Couple Reunited with Lost Dog Who Went Missing After Surviving A Fatal Car Crash In Arizona

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A couple by the name of Andrea Mawby and Thomas Rodriguez, could not look for Obi, their black lab mix, right after their accident because they were both still in the hospital. The San Diego couple's dog went missing in October 2019 after the couple got into a head-on collision in Arizona. Witnesses saw the dog run from the scene of the crash in Keyenta, Arizona and had been missing ever since.

Nicole Rodriguez, Thomas' mother, said this about how the dog got away: "When Thomas turned around, he noticed the dog was not there, but the back windows were open. We don't know what the force of the impact that Obi was able to jump out and was startled." The hashtag #FindOBI has been used to try and get the word out to people to keep an eye out for him.

The original post, published by the couple's neighbor, Hannah Allen, on Facebook in an attempt to find Obi had been shared over 150,000 times. In an email, Allen said, “With expertise from local rescuers Britt Kendall, Katrina Karr and Leann Weber, the land surrounding the accident was thoroughly searched and humane traps were set in effort to bring Obi home safely." 

Obi, Thomas, and Andrea are now reunited and all is right in the world again This is how the power of social media is used in the most positive and wonderful of ways! 

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