Choosing Yoga Pants

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One of the most comfortable trends in all of fashion today is the yoga pant. 

Yoga pants are a favorite of anyone practicing a downward-facing dog or Warrior II, but they have moved beyond the yoga studio. Women today are wearing their yoga pants in mainstream gyms, to the grocery store on errand day or even just kicking back around the house reading a good book and sipping a mug of hot tea. Why are yoga pants so popular? The first reason has to be the incredible comfort. What's not to love about stretchy fabrics and flexible waistbands? And yoga pants look good on everyone with their form-flattering fits. 

There are so many high-quality yoga pants on the market today that it can be difficult to decide which brand is best for you. 

You can narrow down your choices by first deciding where you are going to wear your yoga pants. Are you wearing them for your three time a week Bikram Yoga practice? Are you wearing them to your favorite coffee shop for your weekend bagel and latte fix? Maybe you are a baseball mom and can't think of sitting in the bleachers wearing anything but yoga pants. The sheer variety of yoga pants on the market gives you options ranging from the highest in performance fabrics to the most on-trend patterns and prints. LuLuLemon, Sweaty Betty and Lucy are some of their premier manufacturers of yoga pants. They are making the styles that fit your lifestyle.

Amazing Hot  Yoga Pants

If you are serious about yoga, especially hot yoga, you need the perfect pants to wear in classroom studio temperatures that can top 100 degrees F. The fabric has to be breathable and moisture-wicking. Cotton pants just soak up the sweat and stick to the skin and that is not only uncomfortable, it can cause chafing of the skin. Lucy only sells yoga pants that are seam-free and don't aggravate chafing. If your yoga studio is okay with shorts in class, LuLuLemon has introduced Hotty Hot Shorts, specifically designed for hot yoga.

Why You'll Love Lucy's Studio Hatha Yoga Pants

The Studio Hatha Yoga Pant by Lucy is the perfect mix of function and fashion. These pants come in bright colors and fun patterns. The fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking and acts like compression to smooth you out. The special Lucy flat-lock seams keep chafing at bay. Wear the Studio Hatha Yoga Pant to your practice and then head straight to brunch. It's just that fashionable.

Sweaty Betty 2-in-1 Yoga Pants

Sweaty Betty's Chandrasana Reversible Yoga Leggings feature two looks for the price of one. One sie is black with mesh panels and the reverse side is a bright and bold pattern. That means you can wear one side to class and switch up your look completely for whatever the rest of your day holds.

Relaxed Yoga Pants

Not everyone loves a completely form-fitting yoga pant. LuLuLemon's Fit Physique Yoga Pants is a little more relaxed in style, but the material is working as hard as ever. The Rulu fabric is sweat-wicking and has four-way stretch to move with you as you change poses or change gears.

Warm Yoga Pants

Some yoga classes are held in a hot studio and others are held outside. Lucy's Revolution Run Wool Tights are made from 13 percent wool to insulate the legs and trap warmth when there is a chill in the air. The fabric content also includes Lyocell, Polyester and Spandex to smooth out the wool fibers and keep them from being itchy. These wool tights are perfect for outdoor yoga retreats in the Fall and Winter.

Yoga Pants that Move Seamlessly from Studio to Street

Lucy's Indigo High Rise Yoga Leggings are like chameleons. They are made from performance fabric but this high-waisted style looks like it is made of denim so it transitions beautifully from yoga studio to restaurant or anywhere else you want to be. The denim-look fabric is soft and breathable and there's a built-in pocket to hold a phone or keys.

Harem Pants for Comfort

Harem-style yoga pants are best for meditative classes or for simply using as lounge wear during down time at home. They are not ideal for more athletic yoga because the extra fabric can cause chafing. But for the most contemplative and peaceful postures, harem pants like Sweaty Betty's Hatha Yoga Harems are an excellent choice. The fabric is extremely soft and comfortable and bonus - they have pockets - everyone's favorite detail!

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