Choosing A Great Lift Chairs For Seniors

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Seniors sometimes find getting out of a recliner difficult. Lift chairs, however, can make getting into and out of a recliner an almost effortless task. Whether for reading the newspaper, watching an old black and white television show, or just dozing off from time to time, lift chairs are versatile enough to go beyond just meeting your needs. Today’s lift chairs are powerful and cozy, yet beautiful, able to mesh with any home’s décor. Would you like to know more about these choice lift chairs for seniors? Research these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about lift chairs, the chairs that give seniors independence and comfort, without sacrificing style. Today’s lift chairs are therapeutic elegance for seniors.

What features does the AmeriGlide 325M 3-Position Lift Chair offer?

An integrated battery backup is one of the attributes of the AmeriGlide 325M 3-Position Lift Chair. In the event of a power outage, seniors can get out of their recliner with ease. This lift chair holds weight up to 325 pounds and offers three separate positions. The AmeriGlide 325M 3-Position Lift Chair is sold in an array of colors, so that it may be paired with any home’s theme and style.

Does Medicare cover the cost of lift chairs?

The complete and thorough answer is a bit complicated. Medicare does not generally cover the entire cost of the chair, but they will cover a portion of the chair, if it is deemed medically necessary by a licensed physician. Medicare, Part B, may cover the chair lift mechanism. It will not, however, cover the chair itself: It does not make any difference if the mechanism is built into the chair. Seniors with conditions like muscular dystrophy or crippling arthritis may be eligible for help from Medicare when purchasing their lift chair. Visit the medicare website for more details. 

Do lift chairs offer extra features?

Lift chairs of all kinds exist. Some lay seniors all the way back to a 180-degrees horizontal position, then, stand them straight up to a 180-degrees vertical position. Some aren’t so fancy but will still sit a senior down and stand them up again. Lift chairs can also offer heating or massaging functions. These can help with seniors’ well-being. Chairs with extra features do, however, come with a greater price tag.

How do lift chairs aid seniors?

Lift chairs aid seniors by helping them to sit down, lie down, and stand back up. Lift chairs are power-operated and controlled by a remote controller, usually attached to the chair by a cord. Lift chairs move slowly, so that they give seniors with severe arthritis, and such, time to adjust as they are changing positions. Lift chairs help seniors from a vertically standing position to a sitting position, from a sitting position to a horizontally lying position, and back. When helping seniors to stand, most lift chairs stand seniors straight up.

What retailers offer lift chairs?

Lift chairs are available from numerous retailers, both online and in-store. Some stores, like Ashley’s Furniture or Sam’s Club, offer lift chairs via both. Many online deals include free shipping. US Medical Supplies’ customer service can share more options and aid in locating the most therapeutic chair for a senior’s medical needs.

What are some characteristics of the HMI Hayden Power Lift Chair?

Besides heating and massaging capabilities, and plush padding, the HMI Hayden Power Lift Chair also offers various reclining positions, so that seniors suffering from painful arthritis and the like can find a bit of peace. While the battery is not actually included in the initial purchase, the HMI Hayden Power Lift Chair includes a battery backup system.

What differentiates the Golden MaxiComfort 505 Small Lift Chair from other lift chairs?

It’s zero-gravity resting position makes the Golden MaxiComfort 505 Small Lift Chair a remarkable choice for seniors with chronic low back pain. The zero-gravity resting position means that the senior’s low back pressure is relieved; their breathing is improved; and the circulation in their back is increased. The Golden MaxiComfort 505 Small Lift Chair is a lot of chair packed into a small piece that will be the perfect addition to any room.

What are the foremost lift chairs for seniors?

The foremost lift chairs for seniors all provide multiple positions and various functions. They are made of the highest quality materials and workmanship. Among the favorites are the AmeriGlide 325M 3-Position Lift Chair, the Golden MaxiComfort 505 Small Lift Chair, and the HMI Hayden Power Lift Chair. These three exceptional chairs continue to be top choices in lift chairs.

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