Choosing The Best Discount Custom Mugs

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Coffee mugs come in all shapes and sizes. So, you should have fun with the content and images you put on your coffee. Plus, personalized mugs are a great gift for anyone because everyone drinks coffee or tea! Whether it's a special occasion like someone's birthday, or. holiday such as Mothers Day, a gift of a personalized coffee mug will be much appreciated! Plus, a personalized mug can offer a high-quality product for a surprisingly small cost. So, you'll want to start your search for the perfect coffee mug by deciding what kind of material it should be made out of and what kind of style it is.

Perhaps the most popular type is the travel mug. This style allows for hot and cold beverages to be carried outside of the home and is especially popular with office workers. That's because travel mugs let you take your coffee or tea on the road with you and will keep those beverages warm or cold for several hours. There are also many variations of travel mugs from clear see-through mugs to heavy-duty metal mugs. Try your best to consider the person you're buying the mug for and what kind of mug they may want.

Next up are classic mugs. These come in many different sizes with designs from simple quotes to unique shapes and more. These are your best bet for coffee or tea for someone who is drinking their beverage of choice at home or is stationary. You'll also find this kind of mug in coffee shops and offices quite often.

Another common form of coffee mugs you may want to consider are tumblers. These are a hybrid design of the travel mugs and classic mug. Often times these will not fit into a cup holder but will offer excellent insulation. Also, the idea of a tumbler is to provide portability of your beverage while allowing a more casual feel when you actually drink from it. That's because you'll take off the cap and pour your coffee into the cap. This allows you to drink the coffee like your using a classic mug design. This is especially great for people who love the feeling of the classic mug but want to take their coffee with them.

So, know that you know the three most popular styles of coffee mugs, let's explore the kinds of materials you may want to consider.

Travel mugs are generally made of out metals such as titanium, steel, stainless steel, and even glass. The heavier metals like stainless steel and titanium are best for people who may need to keep their coffee warm for several hours. These types of mugs are also generally larger in size for the "all-day" coffee drinker. Glass, on the other hand, serves a different kind of purpose. A glass travel mug is better suited for a cool aesthetic appeal as well as more functional use. The see-through glass lets the drinker know exactly how much coffee is left in the travel mug. However, the insulation of the glass material will be quite poor and won't keep beverages hot for long in comparison to the other metal types.

Classic mug styles are typically made of ceramic since they keep the beverage warm for a little while. There are also more ceremonial or aesthetically pleasing materials for classic mugs which are made out of glass. These tend to be a bit smaller and are usually used for tea or espresso. Finally, the tumbler style is almost always made out of heavier metals like titanium or steel.

Now that you understand the styles and materials which work best for coffee mugs, how about where to get a custom one? With thousands of companies and websites offering custom coffee mugs, it can be a daunting task to find just one website to use. If you want to go for a good quality coffee mug at a good price then consider They primarily offer classic mug designs with simple color and text customization. The website also lets you customize the designs and see what it will look like before you purchase it.

Another way to find personalized mugs that's a bit more fun than using a website maybe garage sales, farmers' markets, or flea markets. Often times farmers' markets will have cool mugs which are made by local artists. Sometimes you can even put in a custom order. By choosing this method you not only get to meet the designer in person, but you can be sure your money is going to a local small business.

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