Amy Schumer Is the Most Honest Celebrity About Pregnancy

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Pregnancies are not easy by any means, but it seems like celebrity women never have a nauseous morning or any of the other side effects of pregnancy. Lucky for us, we have comedian, writer and actress Amy Schumer to show us that that's not at all the case. 

Schumer has given the world a dose of honesty by showing us just how her pregnancy went and talks about the most graphic of details if you'd let her. She took to Instagram to show the world just how hard her pregnancy was and left it all on the table in her Netflix special "Growing."

Schumer welcomed her first child, son Gene Attell Fischer, in May 2019. In March 2019, she welcomed her Netflix special talking all about pregnancy. Through her Instagram, we all learned that Amy suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum (H.G.) throughout her pregnancy, which means she was basically sick the entire time; think morning sickness, but all day every day. 

In her Netflix special, Schumer talked about what every man and woman is in for when it comes to pregnancy and child birth. She spoke about the common, such as gaining weight and certain mood swing, but also about the supremely gross aspects to it, like extreme moments of nausea that had her sick in and on random places; leave it to her to make it funny, too.

In the special, she says: "You don’t stop being you just because you’re pregnant. You don’t stop working … or drinking,” she joked around. It is true, pregnancy changes things in every way, but it does not mean you change who you are as a person, if anything, things that once meant a lot to you can mean even more after you learn you are becoming a parent. 

Little things about being pregnant were there for Schumer to poke fun of, such as cupping your pregnant belly in every single photo you take. She joked about the concept and admitted that she bought into it too and did not realize she was doing it until she saw photos of herself. She also spoke about how her belly button popped out and in order to hide it she would put two bandaids on it. 

Schumer continued her funny business by telling everyone how hard it is to be pregnant at the same time as Meghan Markle. Schumer said: “You know who it’s not fun to be pregnant the exact same time as? Meghan Markle!” which is entirely accurate to say, that's tough luck. She continues her honest streak with her issue with maternity clothes, and that when asking people for advice, everyone says something different. 

Most importantly for Schumer, keeping her humor about it all was very important and not just because she's a comedian. When things got really hard and she was hospitalized during her pregnancy and needed to cancel some shows, she knew she needed to keep her sense of humor to stay sane. She laughed with the audience of her Netflix special that if she were not contractually obligated to be at the show, she would not be there. 

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